• Gutter Repairs

  • Gutter Repairs

    Gutter Replacements And Repairs

    We offer professional services on gutter replacements and repairs at Farnham Roofs. In UK, gutters often experience some damages because of our temperamental weather condition. Also, heavy rain and harsh winds often result in cracks and displacements on our gutters. And at Farnham Roofs, we offer amazing solutions that could combat these common gutter problems.

    Our gutter services include UPVC gutter and UPVC ogee gutter replacement. Also, in the area of gutter repairs, we offer fascia replacement and repair, as well as soffit replacement and repair.

    The UPVC is mostly used to make gutters. This material is really good for guttering because of its light weight, durability, and high resistance to water. UPVC gutters are in several colours, and this helps us to make amazing gutters for all our clients.

    UPVC Ogee guttering is effective like the normal UPVC guttering, but with a little features. Its inbuilt ridges are quite beautiful and they help to shape the roof of the building and enhance its aesthetics. This guttering style uses pre-fitted clips, which acts as a boost to the whole installation process. As a result of these pre-fitted clips, installation has become quite easy to complete at record time. A stylish renovation occurs when you replace your ordinary gutters with the Ogee guttering, and here at Farnham Roofs, we are sure that this guttering option is really good for both domestic and commercial clients.

    A gutter pipe is ripe for replacement when it is broken beyond repair. Replacement may also be necessary when a client wants to change the appearance or outlook of the gutter. We have well-trained members of staff that specialize in replacing old gutters with either the UPVC gutters or UPVC Ogee gutters. Apart from replacement services, we also repair gutters. Visit us for any repairs—from reattaching loose gutters to sealing cracks, and our talented staff will be available to attend to you. At Farnham Roofs, we fix any issue you see.

    Our staff are well trained to repair and replace fascia boards. We know that the fascia board must support all the guttering, and we make sure that gutters are installed appropriately, in line with global standard. We are aware that the fascia board has a very strong role to play. So, at Farnham Roofs, we don’t cut any corner in the course of running our installation process. Fascia boards are in many colours, and we always abide by our clients' preferences.

    Our staff too at Farnham Roofs are highly trained in general repair and replacement services of soffit boards. A soffit board has a primary function of protecting the rafters, and boosts the overall outlook of a roof. Soffits too are installed in order to boost ventilation and guard against water damage that could cause damp and mould formation. We will make sure that the soffit boards are carefully installed, so that they can be resistant to rot, and also boost the aesthetic look of the whole roof. We are determined to meet the specifications of our clients at all times.

    If you need your gutters repaired or replaced, call us today. We have a wide variety of types and shapes of guttering in stock, so we're likely to have whatever you need for your property. We also offer gutter cleaning and maintenance services, and can make sure that your guttering is in good shape, sealing it after we clean it to prevent leaks. We can quickly provide you with a quote for any kind of guttering work you need.

     We can also replace all kinds of down pipes, from upvc to cast iron.

  • Our Gutter Repair Services include:

    We offer several different kinds of guttering:

    • OG guttering
    • Half round guttering
    • Square guttering
    • Cast iron look alike